New study: Impact of process quality in ECEC on academic outcomes

Impact of process quality in Early Childhood Education and Care on academic outcomes: Longitudinal meta‐analysis" is a new article by ISOTIS researchers Katrin Wolf and Yvonne Anders (Freie Universität Berlin), together with Hannah Ulferts.

The article is available here:

According to the abstract:

"This meta‐analysis studies the association of pedagogical processes in early childhood care and education with outcomes in two academic domains: language and literacy as well as mathematics. It synthesizes evidence from 17 longitudinal studies in nine European countries with 16,461 children in regular center‐based care spanning the period between ages 3 and 16. Results of a three‐level meta‐analysis provided small overall effect sizes for both global and domain‐specific process quality, and indicated lasting associations with academic development over children’s school career (ES = .11, Cohen’s = .22, and ES = .10, Cohen’s = .20). Effects varied by outcome domain, type of process measure, and differences in adopted analyses, with important implications for pedagogical practice and future research."