New ISOTIS report: In-deph interviews with parents from diverse backgrounds

Our team interviewed parents with a Romani, Turkish, North-African, and native low-income background about their views and experiences with educational and support services, and experiences of integration and inclusiveness. The interviews were conducted in the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Portugal.

In a first large study, parents replied to a questionnaire, as described here.

In a second study, a smaller group of 244 parents participated in a more detailed or in-depth interview, with the goal of enabling a better understanding of their experiences and practices of parenting young children.  This study is document in a new ISOTIS publication - Parent in-depth interview study: Technical report, by ISOTIS researchers Lyudmila Nurse and Edward Melhuish (University of Oxford).

The interviews examined children’s and parents’ experiences with inclusiveness and
educational effectiveness. The interviews also addressed the cultural and linguistic resources of the families, the values and ambitions, and the educational decisions they make. Finally, the interviews examined the wellbeing of parents and children.

The study also aimed to address the mechanisms of adaptation and strategies for parents’ and children’s integration into the society, and type, availability and use of resources in bringing up children by the parents.

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