New ISOTIS report: Survey among staff

The ISOTIS team developed a staff survey among over 1 000 professionals. A wide range of professionals were involved, including teachers, specialists, managers and social and family workers. The participating professionals were working in a variety of settings, such as early childhood education and care (ECEC), formal education, after-school care and the social work sector. The survey was conducted in the Czech Republic, England, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Portugal.

One of the main conclusions based on the findings is that more positive beliefs towards multiculturalism and multilingualism seemed to go hand in hand with more culturally sensitive practices and better parent-professional relationships. Multicultural beliefs corresponded to being sensitive, appreciative, and respectful towards cultural differences, while at the same time focusing on the similarities and intercultural contact. Multilingual beliefs involved valuing the use of the heritage language at home and at (pre)school, and support for the development of the heritage language in (pre)school.

This staff survey is described in the new report “Internet survey among staff working in formal and informal (education) sectors in ten European countries”. It is authored by ISOTIS researchers Pauline Slot, Bodine Romijn (both from Utrecht University), Joana Cadima, Gil Nata (both from University of Porto), and Olga Wysłowska (University of Warsaw).

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