Integrating information on service coordination with parents’ and professionals’ experiences

Colleagues from England, the Netherlands, Greece and Portugal met at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, to discuss next steps in the scope of the project.

Our team aims to develop a comprehensive overview, relating information on service coordination (in fields such as education, health, social work, and welfare) with experiences of parents and (para)professionals living in the same areas. The goal is write a report that can guide future European developments in coordination between services involving young children and their families.

This work will integrate findings from previous ISOTIS studies, such us:
- The interviews with heads of services, coordinators, and local government representatives on collaboration between services for children and families. Click here to read more

- The interviews with parents with a Romani, Turkish, North-African, and native low-income background on their views and experiences with educational and support services, and on experiences of integration and inclusiveness. Click here to read more

-The survey among professionals working in formal and informal (education) sectors on cultural and linguistic beliefs, practices and organizational policies, relations with parents and other stakeholders, and staff’s work environment. In this survey, a wide range of professionals were involved, including teachers, specialists, managers and social and family workers, working in a variety of settings, such as early childhood education and care, formal education, after-school care and the social work sector. Findings of this survey will be released soon.

Stay tuned!