New ISOTIS report: Interviews with parents

The interviews with parents conducted by our team are now documented in a new report, available here.

Parents with a Romani, Turkish, North-African, and native low-income background were asked about their views and experiences with educational and support services, and experiences of integration and inclusiveness. The interviews were conducted in ten European countries: the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Portugal.

Regarding the life situations of families with a Romani background, preliminary findings confirmed experiences of financial hardship. On the other hand, findings suggested that parents perceive a high level of social support. The results also indicated differences across countries, which might be related to specific country systems and regulations.

The main authors of the report are: Martine Broekhuizen (Utrecht University), Katharina Ereky-Stevens (University of Oxford), Katrin Wolf (Free University of Berlin), Thomas Moser (University of South Eastern Norway).

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