PhD Days 2018 – Working together for a phd

On the 10th and 11th of September, ISOTIS partner institution University of South-Eastern Norway held the event "PhD Days 2018 - Working together for a phd", in collaboration with Oslo Metropolitan University.

The purpose of the PhD Days was to bring together PhD students to learn about and discuss key challenges in educational research. The PhD Days included thematic sessions to discuss research design, methodology, as well as sessions on academic writing (articles) and publishing.

ISOTIS researchers were invited to give keynote lectures and to participate in workshops.

Thomas Moser (University of South-Eastern Norway) welcomed the participants and presented the lecture "Doctoral education in a European and a national perspective".

Paul Leseman (Utrecht University) gave the lecture "Inclusive education in a multicultural Europe". He also conducted the workshop "Education and quality in ECEC in a multicultural Europe". Both of these sessions were chaired by ISOTIS researcher Helga Norheim (University of South-Eastern Norway).

Katerina Sidiropulu Janku (Masaryk University) presented the lecture "Roma ancestry as an education handicap in the post-socialist Europa". She also conducted the workshop "Qualitative data analysis - biographical data in education research".

Find the programme here.