2/3 children in Europe feel positive about migrants – says UNICEF-Eurochild survey “Europe Kids Want”

The ´Europe Kids Want´ online survey was launched in June this year by UNICEF and Eurochild. Nearly 14,000 children and young people from 23 countries participated giving responses to topics such as: school safety, climate change, family environment and online behavior. The first findings were released on November 20, the World Children’s Day.

According to the findings, the majority of children and young people were curious and welcoming towards people from a different country, with a different language, culture or religion living in their area. Among the participants, 68% reported they felt welcoming and curious to get to know people from a different country.

Tolerance and being treated equally featured prominently amongst the expectations of children when dealing with the online environment or in response to how people from other countries or backgrounds should be treated.

When asked if they had to go and live in a new place, making new friends and speaking the local language were the two most important issues for children and young people to feel at home. Making new friends was replied by around 63% of the participants, and being able to speak the language by around 58% of the participants.

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