The European Commission releases the 2018 Education and Training Monitor

The Education and Training Monitor is a European Commission publication that presents a yearly evaluation of education and training systems across Europe. It emphasizes priority themes and informs national education reform debates in EU Member States.

According to the results showed in this publication, students with a migrant background on average report a slightly higher motivation to achieve academically than their native peers. However, students with a migrant background have considerably lower rates of attaining baseline academic proficiency in reading, maths and science, in the majority of the Member States. They also report a lower sense of belonging at school, are less satisfied with their life, and experience more school related anxiety than native students. 

Students with a migrant background continue to face obstacles, often due to their lower socioeconomic status and having to learn more than one language. As stated by European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Tibor Navracsics, on the occasion of the release of the 2018 Education and Training Monitor: "Behind the poor educational performance lies the lack of knowledge of the language."

The results found reinforce that it is important to look at what happens in schools and classrooms, and what can be done to improve the situation. In this scope, ISOTIS is collecting information on best practice in curriculum, pedagogy and inclusive climate development in early childhood and primary school education. Our team is also developing a virtual learning environment to support multicultural and multilingual education. This tool will contribute to the development of the multi/intercultural competences of professionals.

Find the Monitor here