Romani Early Years Network: Willing to speak Romani?

"Willing to speak Romani?" is the title of the article by ISOTIS researcher Stanislav Daniel (ISSA) on the Romani Early Years Network website.

Our colleague highlights that the acceptance of the Romani language is crucial to embrace diversity in today’s open society. The Romani language is part of cultural heritage and cultural wealth of the world. However, using this language beyond the Roma community can be a challenge.

Stanislav Daniel explains that there are two main streams in efforts to make Romani usable at the international level. One involves trying to develop new words by transforming the original ones. The other relies on the use of international words. Read the full article

This article was published on 5th of November - the International Day of Romani Language. This day was proclaimed by UNESCO and it is recognized by the Council of Europe. It emphasizes the promotion of language and culture of Roma people, and the support of multicultural values.