The experience of migrant Arab mothers in Italy

ISOTIS interviewed Arab mothers living in Milan about their parenting experiences. Researcher Alessandra Mussi (University of Milano Bicocca) addressed this work at the ESREA conference ‘Building solidarities for anti-racist adult education’, on June 15. The title of the article presented is "Arab migration and parenting: the experience of Arab migrant women in Italy".

According to the researcher, becoming mother during migration can be a source of insecurity and fear, but can also be a stimulus to face adversity. Adequate support can contribute to the development of educational and resilience skills, potentiating the integration process and, consequently, the well-being of the whole family.

Recommendations for professionals working with Arab mothers include taking into account:
- The recognition of the resources available to mothers and the legitimacy of different parenting methods;
- The recognition of cultural and educational diversity, but also promotion of negotiations and hybridizations;
- The enhancement of narration, dialogue and intercultural meetings as qualities of a relational posture, but also as practices with formative implications.

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