Presentation on the experiences of parents with Turkish immigrant background

ISOTIS researcher Hande Erdem (Freie Universität Berlin) presented part of her PhD project "Intersection of Ethno-cultural and Class based Identities in Educational Contexts: The Case of Turkish Immigrant Background Parents in Germany" at the Migration Conference, hosted by the University of Lisbon, on June 26. Visit the conference website

This study is being developed by Hande Erdem, together with ISOTIS researcher Yvonne Anders (Freie Universität Berlin), and Prof. Dr. Özen Odag.

The study focuses on the views and experiences shared by parents with a Turkish background, that were interviewed in Berlin, in the scope of the ISOTIS project. The parents were asked about their children’s education and upbringing: experiences with educational systems and support services, hopes and wishes for their children, resources and support needs.

More information on the views and experiences shared by the parents interviewed by the ISOTIS team will be available soon. Stay tuned!