ISOTIS Workshop: Analyzing information from interviews with mothers

The workshop “ISOTIS WP2 Qualitative Study: coding and analytical strategies: mothers from low income families without immigrant background” took place at the Department of Education of University of Oxford (OU), on 23th-25th May 2018. The workshop was hosted by the OU ISOTIS team and the Department of Education of OU.

Researchers from Poland, Portugal and England took part in the discussion on coding of transcripts of the interviews aimed at mothers on their children education, including topics such as: experiences with the educational system and support services, hopes and wishes for their children, and their resources and support needs. Researchers also discussed evolving themes for narrative analysis, analysis of visual information and analytical strategies for comparative analysis.
The workshop was led by Dr. Lyudmila Nurse, coordinator of the study that involves in-depth interviews with mothers about the topics mentioned (qualitative study). The OU participants were Ted Melhuish, Jaqueline Barnes, and Eszter Saghy. Polish team was represented by Paulina Marchlik and Elżbieta Czerska-Szczepaniak (University of Warsaw), and Katarzyna Gajek (University of Łodz). The Portuguese team was represented by Cecilia Aguiar, Inês Alves Ferreira and Carla Sofia Silva (ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon). Martine Broekhuizen (University of Utrecht) and Kateřina Sidiropulu-Janků (Masaryk University) joined the discussion on the third day of the workshop to discuss strategies for merging coding trees across target groups of mothers and preparation for the forthcoming workshops. These will focus on mothers from Romani minority group and of immigrant background, and will take place on 2-4 July in Brno and 16-18 August in Utrecht, respectively.