The ISOTIS team discusses the development of a Virtual Learning Environment

ISOTIS researchers addressing inclusive curricula in the classroom, family support and professional development in the scope of the project, met in Brno, Czech Republic, on October 26-27th, to discuss the development of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The aim of the VLE is to develop an interactive e-learning environment that can be used by parents, teachers and other professionals to support multilingualism, enhance the parent-school partnerships and promote inclusiveness in the classroom.

During the meeting, the ISOTIS team discussed how to develop a VLE that is sustainable, innovative, and transferable to different contexts. The team also exchanged input on the content, accessibility, and user experience provided by the VLE. Our goal is to design a prototype, which can be used as a model to develop, adapt and implement a VLE in a local context according to the specific needs and interests of the participants. The team also highlighted the importance of working and discussing the development of the VLE with teachers and other Education professionals.

Watch ISOTIS researcher Giulia Pastori (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy) addressing the development of the proposed Virtual Learning Environment, and its use in supporting multilingualism