Susanna Mantovani

Susanna Mantovani, Prof.

Prof. Susanna Mantovani is interested in the research areas of Early Childhood Education and Care; Adult-Child and Peer Relationships; Early Childhood Pedagogy; Pre-primary Education; ECEC Policies; Children and Family Policies; Parents participation and Home-School Relationships; Early childhood and Technologies; Professional Development in Education and Care; and Intercultural Education; Qualitative Research Methods in Education. She acted as consultant for the OCSE Early Childhood Project in 1976-79 and has been involved in the Project Starting Strong (2001-2003). She was a consultant for many international projects for the Bernard Van Leer Foundation (1977-1985) and Scientific Director (1985-91) for the project financed by the Bernard Van Leer Foundation Tempo per le Famiglie (Time for Families) for children aged 0 to 3 and their parents. Mantovani has been co-founder and President after Loris Malaguzzi of the Gruppo Nazionale Nidi Infanzia (1996-2002). She was a member of the Osservatorio Nazionale per l’infanzia e l’Adolescenza( 1999-2002). She was part of all the National Committees for the Guidelines for Preprimary Schools in Italy since 1989; member of the Board of UNICEF Italia (2009-2011); member of the Scientific Committee for the Project Interculture (Foundation Cariplo 2007-2009) and a member of the Scientific Committee for the Fondazione Intercultura. She is the scientific director for the Experimental Day care centre Bambini Bicocca (Università di Milano-Bicocca/City of Milan/ Pirelli/Pirelli Real Estate/ Deutsche Bank) and a promoter of the Network of University Day Care Centres).

University of Milano-Bicocca


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