Paul Leseman (Coordinator)

Paul Leseman, Prof.

Prof. Paul Leseman (psychology, linguistics) is full professor of education and coordinator of the Utrecht University team. His research interests concern typical and atypical development of executive functions, language, literacy and numeracy in early and middle childhood as related to home characteristics, day care, and pre- and primary school quality. Leseman is principal investigator of the large-scale national cohort study pre-COOL into the effects of early childhood education and care on children’s language, cognitive and social-emotional development. Leseman is scientific coordinator of the FP7 project CARE on quality, curriculum and impact of early childhood education and care in Europe (2014-2016), and principal investigator in the Horizon2020/ICT2015 project L2TOR on the use of social robots in second language learning (2016-2018). He was advisor to DG EAC of the European Commission for the Communication on Early Childhood Education and Care of the European Commission and to the Working Group Quality Framework for European ECEC.

WORK PACKAGES: 8 (leader)

Utrecht University
The Netherlands


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