Olga Wysłowska

Olga Wysłowska, M.A.

Olga Wysłowska, M.A., holds a junior researcher position at the Department of Education Policy and Social Research on Education at the Faculty of Education UW. Currently she is involved in two international projects: Inclusive Education and Social Support to Tackle Inequalities in Europe (ISOTIS) and How and under what conditions does quality in early education and care matter? (QualityMatters), a study across four European countries (project reference PTDC/MHCCED/5913/2014). Previously she took part in the project Curriculum and Quality Analysis and Impact Review of European Early Childhood Education and Care (CARE). She is a PhD candidate, former ECEC teacher and teacher educator, an author of several publications for ECEC educators.

WORK PACKAGES: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

University of Warsaw Faculty of Education (Poland)


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