Mihaela Ionescu

Mihaela Ionescu, Dr.

Dr. Mihaela Ionescu joined ISSA in 2010. She is an early childhood education expert and doctor in Educational Sciences. She worked for more than 20 years as a researcher in the education field as an education policy developer, trainer and leader of programs and projects aimed at improving the quality of early childhood education and care services. Prior to joining ISSA she worked throughout the CEE/CIS region as an international consultant for UNICEF and The World Bank. As the 30 ISOTIS
Program Director of ISSA, Mihaela is central to the strategic planning and implementation of programs. She creates resources aimed at providing equitable and high quality early childhood services in countries from ISSA regions by strengthening the capacity of ISSA members to work with professionals, parents, administrators and policy makers.

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International Step by Step Association
The Netherlands


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