Martine Broekhuizen

Martine Broekhuizen, Phd.

Martine Broekhuizen is a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Child Family and Education Studies at Utrecht University. Her research interests concern ECEC quality, parenting beliefs and behaviours, and child temperament and socio-emotional development. She completed a PhD thesis (2015) at the department of Developmental Psychology of Utrecht University on individual and contextual differences to the effects of early child care quality in relation to children’s socio-emotional development.

Within ISOTIS, Martine is co-coordinating WP 2. She will mainly be involved in designing and coordinating the questionnaire and in-depth parent interview studies in the ten countries involved in ISOTIS. These studies will focus on resources, experiences, aspirations and support needs of families in disadvantaged communities

Over the last two years, Martine has worked on the EU CARE project ( Within CARE she co-coordinated a study in nine European countries into the values, beliefs and concerns of parents, teachers and policy representatives regarding ECEC.
Next to these two large projects, Martine is co-supervising the PhD project of Yue Song (MSc.) on the development of prosocial behaviors in toddler's, and of Ingrid Midteide Lokken (MSc.) on the relation between Kindergarten quality and children's social-emotional development.
Martine is also affiliated as an external researcher with the The Better Provisions for Norway's Children project (BePro; at the University College of Oslo and Akershus.

WORK PACKAGES: 2 (co-leader), 3

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