Katerina Sidiropulu Janku

Katerina Sidiropulu Janku, PhD.

Katerina Sidiropulu Janku is a junior researcher at the Institute for Research in Inclusive Education PedF MU and establishing member of the Center for the Cultural Sociology of Migration FSS MU. She joined ISOTIS project to focus on the WP3 research activities and qualitative interviews across several WPs. She has been assistant professor in the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development at Ostrava University (2004-2008) and in the Department of Sociology at Masaryk University (2007-2017). As ethnographic sociologist she focuses on Czech-Roma relationships, notions of social marginalization, the sociology of memory and research ethics. In recent years her focus also includes interdisciplinary cooperation and the participative approaches. She was in charge of the applied project The Memory of Roma Workmen, that encompassed the collection of historical data, conceptual street exhibition, documentary movie and piloting didactic materials in elementary schools.


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