Jacqueline Barnes

Jacqueline Barnes, Prof.

Prof. Jacqueline Barnes is Professor of Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London and Honorary Senior Psychologist at the Tavistock Clinic. She is an internationally recognised expert in the study of community characteristics, family functioning and young children's behaviour, conducting research in the UK, Europe and the USA. She has studied the identification and management of emotional and behavioural problems of young children in pre-school settings; methods of assessing parental behaviour; the relevance of measures of parenting for different cultural and socioeconomic groups; evaluation of child mental health and child abuse prevention programmes; early intervention to prevent children's mental health problems; the relevance of community characteristics and the environment to family functioning and child development; the impact of serious parental illness or bereavement on families; and the use of qualitative methodologies to investigate family functioning and child behaviour.

WORK PACKAGES: 2, 6 (leader)

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