Hande Erdem Möbius

Hande Erdem Möbius, M.A.

Hande Erdem Möbius is a PhD student and research fellow at the department of Early Childhood Education at the Freie Universität Berlin (Germany) since the beginning of 2017. She holds a master´s degree in Sociology – European Societies from the Freie Universität Berlin and a bachelor´s degree in Sociology and Psychology (double major) from the Istanbul Bilgi University. She worked as a research assistant in several international projects. Her main research interests are migration, identity studies, intergenerational relations, social inequality and parental involvement in education.

Within the context of ISOTIS, she is a data collection coordinator and qualitative research trainer in the German part of the study. She contributes development and implementation of the quantitative and qualitative interviews as well as parent and family support programs. She is mainly involved in analyzing the data from immigrant families with focusing on their resources, experiences, aspirations and support needs.


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Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Early Childhood Education


Erdem, H. (2016). From socialist past to European citizens – Crossing borders, negotiating transnational identities: The case of Bulgarian Turks in Germany. Master’s Thesis. Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin.

Erdem, H. (2016). Crossing borders – Negotiating identities in transnational spaces: The case of Bulgarian Turks in Germany. In D. Eroğlu, J.H. Cohen, & I. Sirkeci (Eds.), Turkish Migration Selected Papers (pp. 194-201). London: Transnational Press London.

Erdem, H. (2015). “My daughter is a bridge to German Society”: Intergenerational Relationships in Immigrant Families - Links to Social Integration and Identity Transference. Research Paper, Qualitative Research Training, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin.