Giulia Pastori

Giulia Pastori, PhD.

Giulia Pastori is researcher and senior lecturer at the University of Milano-Bicocca, where she teaches General Pedagogy (master degree in Psychology), Methods of Educational Research and Intercultural Education (degree of Primary education – Formazione Primaria). PhD obtained in 2008 in Communication and Education Sciences with a research on immigrant children’s identity and ECEC curriculum and pedagogy. Her national and international research experience deals with multiculturality, pluri/multi-lingualism, curriculum in ECEC services and school; ECEC and school quality, evaluation and improvement; qualitative and quantitative research methods and software-supported data Analysis and Coding; comparative cross-cultural research; and students’voice research.
In the last ten years she has participated and has coordinated several national and International research project. At the international level, she participated to the Children Crossing Borders study, coordinated by J. Tobin, University of Georgia (Bernard Van Leer Foundation, 222.039.2004) and to the SIRIUS project, European Policy Network Education For Children With A Migrant Backgrounds sector, coordinated by prof. M.A. Essomba, University of Barcellona. She has coordinated the Italian team within the the international European FP7 Programme: CARE Early childhood education and care: promoting quality for individual, social and economic benefits. (2013-2017; coordinated by Paul Leseman) and she is now Principal Investigator for the Italian team within the Isotis Project.

WORK PACKAGES: 2, 3, 4 (co-leader), 5, 6

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