Franziska Cohen

Franziska Cohen, Dr.

Dr. Franziska Cohen is a researcher at the group of Early Childhood Education at Freie Universität Berlin since 2013. Before, she worked as a research assistant in the contexts of Empirical Educational Research (Department of Pedagogy and Psychology) and elementary-school pedagogy (Universität Potsdam). She was also a scholarship-holder in the framework program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research that supports the Empirical Educational Research. Her main research interests concern the effects of home environment and institutional care on children’s development and educational disparities in early childhood. This was also the topic of her PhD thesis. She currently leads the follow-up study on the evaluation of the home-based approach “Chancenreich” to improve the home environment of disadvantaged families in Germany. She is also a researcher of the CARE project where she was involved in the multiple case studies on early childhood practice. Her methodological expertise lies in quantitative methods.


Free University Berlin


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