Efthymia Penderi 

Efthymia Penderi, PhD.

She has been working as a kindergarten teacher since 1996, in the private and public sector. She is a member of the Laboratory of Pedagogical Research and Educational Practices of the Department of Educational Sciences in the Pre-school Age, Democritus University of Thrace. She has worked in the same Department as practice-tutor for prospective kindergarten teachers and in in-service training courses for kindergarten teachers in the public sector, implementing the Lesson Study model for professional development. She has taught in post-graduate courses, concerning socio-cultural animation, intercultural education and teaching methodology/models. She participated as a researcher in a number of national and international projects (Thalis, CRP, CARE). Her main areas of research interests include social and cultural dimensions of development and education, family-school connection and parental involvement. Among other projects, she has conducted an ethnographic study in two Roma communities in Thrace concerning Roma mothers’ belief systems about their children’s social and cognitive development and their interaction styles while playing with their children.


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