Dulce Martins

Dulce Martins, PhD

Dulce Martins is a PhD in Education-Psychology of Education, researcher at CIS-IUL (research unit of ISCTE-IUL). She is a staff member in the Educational Territories for Priority Intervention program (TEIP). Her professional trajectory was initially as a teacher of Math/Science in courses of regular and vocational education for about 8 years at Portuguese public schools. She was member in some national and international projects, namely in the “ECLIPSE” project- European Citizenship Learning In a Program for Secondary Education (2012-2014; European Commission, Lifelong Learning Program, Comenius Multilateral projects 517815 –LLP- 1- 2011-I- IT- COMENIUS –CMP).
She had collaborated with national and international researchers and had published books, books chapters and articles. Her research interests are on citizenship education, identity and career development and management, and on groups with risk/delinquency behaviour in social exclusion situation.


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