Chiara Bove

Chiara Bove, Prof.

Chiara Bove is Associate Professor at the University of Milan-Bicocca where she teaches 'Intercultural Pedagogy’ as part of the Degree in Intercultural Communication and “Theories and practices of educational communication” as part of the Master Degree in Education. In the past she has thought “Qualitative research method in Education” and “Intercultural Pedagogy” as part of the Degree in Education. She has conducted her research in the ECE field and she has participated and is still involved in several research projects. Among them in recent years: Systems of Early Education/Care and professionalization in Europe (SEEPRO, on going; Coordinate by Pamela Oberhuemer); the international European FP7 Programme: CARE Early childhood education and care: promoting quality for individual, social and economic benefits. (2013-2017; coordinated by Paul Leseman); the international project Teacher's Behaviour Analysis in Infant Toddler Center. Instruments and methods for training within a cross national research project, in collaboration with the University of Knoxville-Tennessee (2009-2012); the research Together. Centres for children and adults, in collaboration with the ISTC, Rome (2009-2012); and Children Crossing Borders, with J. Tobin (Bernard Van Leer Foundation, 222.039.2004). Her recent research topics concerns intercultural issues in the ECE field, parents’ participation and school and family relationships in pre-primary educational settings, and the use of video in educational research and professional development. She has published a range of articles, chapters, books and reports. She is country coordinator of the EECERA conference.


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University of Milan Bicocca
Department of Human Science for Education R. Massa
Piazza dell’Ateneo NUovo 1.
20126 Milano


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Bove, C., Mantovani, S. (2008). Au seuil de la coscience. In. Favaro, G. Mantovani, S. Musatti, T.. Une Creche pour apprendre à vivre ensemble. Erès. Ramonville Sati-Agne

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