Caterina Falcone

Caterina Falcone, MSc.

Caterina Falcone has a degree in Psychology of Development and Educational Methods. Her master’s thesis regarded the Multicultural Mind and its empathic processes. In 2016 she become a Psychologist of Child Development.
She has been working for many years in various intercultural centres and social cooperative companies involved in the development and assistance for minorities. She has been collaborating with Milano-Bicocca University (Department of Human Sciences for Education “R. Massa”), since 2014 in research projects in the field of Intercultural Pedagogy, with a keen interest towards inclusiveness of early childhood education and care services, quality of the educational practices in scholastic context and teachers training.
She also was involved in the CARE project – Curriculum Quality Analysis and Impact Review of European ECEC, funding from the European Union. The central aim of this international project was to develop an evidence-based and culture-sensitive European framework for improving the quality and effectiveness of early childhood education and care.
Currently she is a doctoral student and her principal research field regards educational processes implicated in scholastic contexts and the study of stakeholders’ voice (teachers, pupils and parents) who are involved in multilingual and intercultural project using a Virtual Learning Environment.


Piazza Ateneo Nuovo, 1, 20126, Milano, Italy.