Andrea Mangiatordi

Andrea Mangiatordi, PhD.

Dr. Andrea Mangiatordi (m) graduated in Communication and Multimedia Publishing and obtained a PhD in “Quality of Life in the Information Society”. In the last six years, he has been a Research Fellow at the Education Department of the University of Milano Bicocca. His research focuses on Accessibility and Universal Design in the areas of Online Communication and of Educational Content Design. He is also the developer of an Open Source software toolbar that allows to incorporate accessibility features in a website both from the user and from the developer side: this project has been awarded both nationally and internationally. He also participated in the CATS project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, evaluating the accessibility of instructional content and of educational environments. He also collaborated with the Italian Libraries Association in disseminating tools and best practices about ebooks, digital reading and accessibility.
He is part of the University of the Future Network, a not-for-profit organization where experts in the field of Educational Technology are discussing themes of innovation and policies for the future of higher education.


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